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Project Description

Xpedite is a fast on-demand ASP.NET WebForm/MVC library for compressing, minifying & combining CSS, JavaScript and Image (CSS Sprite) content. Modify the web.config & reduce bandwidth by +80%; use WebControls/MVC Helpers to reduce the number of requests required to serve a page.

There are several great libraries already out there to compress web content, minify CSS and JavaScript resource as well as bundle up CSS and JavaScript file requests to expedite the download of web content. Xpedite's goal is to provide a 100% configuration based option that works for straight HTML as well as ASPX pages and requires no changes in how you code. To fully optimize a web page, Xpedite also offers a set of web controls that enable the runtime generation of combined CSS and JavaScript content as well as CSS Sprites! (see: Xpedite Client Side Results)

Xpedite will require no configuration XML (other than the web.config), no custom build tasks, no file write access on the file server, and by default, no custom code inserted in to your ASPX or code behind pages. With Xpedite you must only add a couple of handlers and all CSS and JavaScript will be compressed and minified at runtime (see: Partially Xpedited in Xpedite Performance).

When a resource is first requested, Xpedite will check to see if the resource has been cached on the server. If the file has been cached, the resource will be returned immediately to the client. If the file has not been cached, or if the modified date of the requested file has changed, Xpedite will load the latest copy from the file system and cache the minified resource. As such, all compression and minification is done at run time without the need for custom build tasks. The memory requirement for caching the minified CSS, JavaScript and/or CSS Sprites is negligible compared to the overall memory requirements of a web application.

Project Details
Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
ASP.NET WebForms (WebControls)

Sample Results



IMPORTANT: To achieve the above results, only the application's web.config file was modified to add the CssMinificationHandler and JavaScriptMinificationHandler.


IMPORTANT: To achieve the above results, the application's web.config file was modified to add the CompositeResourceHandler and stock LINK, SCRIPT and IMG tags were replaced with Xpedite's CompositeResource and Sprite WebControls. Xpedite's Sprite control can be directly swapped out for any IMG tag without impacting page layout.

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